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Third Quarter 2017
09/5/2017   Inverse: ‘Star Trek’ Writer Has a Great Idea for a Cheap Mars Habitat
09/3/2017   OuterPlaces: Legendary Sci-Fi Author Joe Haldeman Tells the Story Behind ‘The Forever War’
09/3/2017   OuterPlaces; The Real Life Equivalents of Famous Sci-Fi Weapons
09/2/2017   OuterPlaces: Seven Terrible Science Fiction Movies with Great Soundtracks
09/2/2017   OuterPlaces: Cas Anvar Talks About the Science Behind the Flip and Burn, CQBs, and ‘The Expanse’
09/2/2017   OuterPlaces: ‘Minority Report’ User Interface Gets Recreated with Augmented Reality
09/1/2017   OuterPlaces: A Look At The Morals of Artificial Intelligence in Sci-Fi and Real Life
09/1/2017   OuterPlaces: The 5 Best Short Sci-Fi Films From Escape Velocity 2017
08/31/2017   Fairfax County Times: Escape Velocity convention hits DC this weekend
08/31/2017   Washington Post: Going Out Guide for the District, Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2017
08/7/2017   OuterPlaces: Digital Immortality, The Future of Memory, and Sci-Fi Utopias
08/7/2017   OuterPlaces: From Drone Deliveries to Drone Swarms: An Interview with Dr. Chris Vo
08/4/2017   OuterPlaces: Escape Velocity 2017: The Greatest Sci-Fi Con You’ve Never Heard Of
08/4/2017   OuterPlaces: Win a 3-Day Weekend Pass to Escape Velocity, the New Con by the Museum of Sci-Fi!
07/20/2017   Prince William Living: Heroic Aleworks is partnering with the Museum of Science Fiction
07/13/2017   Actualitté: Retour vers le futur avec Omni, le magazine de science des années 1980

Second Quarter 2017
05/30/2017   Deep Ocean Robotics Competition Winner Announced
04/18/2017   Thomas Dolby to Speak at Escape Velocity

First Quarter 2017
03/30/2017   Museum to Host Teacher Development Workshop at EV-17
03/23/2017   The Forever War Comes to Escape Velocity 2017

Fourth Quarter 2016
10/25/2016   Museum of Science Fiction to Hold Deep Ocean Research and Robotics Competition

Third Quarter 2016
07/30/2016   Time Warner News: Ithaca High Schooler Leading Satellite Building Team
07/08/2016   Geek Girl Riot: Escape Velocity: Taking Real Science to the Final Frontiers
07/07/2016   Biology Fortified: The Future of Food

Second Quarter 2016
06/30/2016   Cornell Chronicle: Ithaca High CubeSat team’s concept to get a shot at space
06/29/2016   Geek Dad: The Museum of Science Fiction Launches Escape Velocity
06/13/2016   The News & Observer: Costume production students create ‘Dune’ stillsuit
05/31/2016   El Paso Herald-Post: UTEP, Bowie Faculty, Students win International Competition
05/12/2016   CubeSat Design Competition Winners Announced
05/11/2016   WRAL TV: UNC students replicate famous Sci-Fi movie costumes
05/04/2016   Museum to Host Teacher Development Workshop
04/27/2016   NASA Spacesuits Featured at Escape Velocity
04/04/2016   Washingtonian Magazine On the Horizon: FUTURE FEST
04/06/2016   Gigi Edgley to Appear at Escape Velocity
04/09/2016   Fine Scale Modeler Magazine:  Exclusive Steve Neill Interview
More about the man and his 1/2 scale USS Enterprise NCC-1701

First Quarter 2016
03/29/2016   Drone Tech from everis Coming to Escape Velocity
03/21/2016   Nimoy Brings New Documentary to Escape Velocity
03/14/2016   Anderson Brings Firestorm to Escape Velocity
03/07/2016   Trek Today: Roddenberry to Speak at Escape Velocity
03/07/2016   Roddenberry to Speak at Escape Velocity
03/03/2016   Fairfax County Times: Escape Velocity Kickstarter launched
03/01/2016   Museum of Science Fiction launches Kickstarter campaign for Escape Velocity!
02/24/2016   Escape Velocity Kickstarter Launched
02/12/2016   Museum Co-Sponsors White House Homesteading in Space Workshop

Fourth Quarter 2015
10/19/2015   Museum of Science Fiction Partners with Universities for
Competition to Build and Launch Spacecraft (deadline extended)
10/19/2015   FACT SHEET: At White House Astronomy Night, President Obama Announces
New Private-Sector Commitments to Get Students Excited about Science and Space

Second Quarter 2015
06/22/2015   The Museum of Science Fiction Releases Mobile App
05/19/2015   NASA and Museum of Science Fiction Sign Space Act Agreement
05/15/2015   Museum of Science Fiction Announces: Escape Velocity,
a New STEAM and Science Fiction Con for 2016

04/28/2015   NASA Builds the Virtual Museum of Science Fiction[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]