Escape Velocity has a strict zero-tolerance policy on harassment. Comments, language or behavior that create a hostile environment — those reasonably expected to make our guests, volunteers, or staff members feel uncomfortable, unwanted, and/or unsafe, including without limitation aggressive behavior, sexual advances or comments, abusive or derogatory language, discrimination, and verbal or physical assault — will be met with strict disciplinary action, including removal from the environment.

Remember: cosplay is not consent. Even digital cosplay counts. The Museum is a safe space for self-expression for all our attendees. We are aware that cosplayer harassment has taken place at other events, and all of our volunteers have been trained to ensure that such behavior is not tolerated at any Museum-hosted or Museum-sponsored event.

If you are a victim of harassment or see another person (guest or staff) harassed, please contact our security team immediately. And if you believe a Museum volunteer or staff member has treated you unfairly, please contact

Mutual respect establishes a foundation for free-spiritedness and fun. With your help, everyone at Escape Velocity can have a good time.


  • All attendees and guests must have an Escape Velocity 2017 badge or wristband to gain entry to the exhibit floor, panel rooms, and special activities.
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