Terms and Conditions


Escape Velocity has a strict zero-tolerance policy on harassment. Comments, language or behavior that create a hostile environment — those reasonably expected to make our guests, volunteers, or staff members feel uncomfortable, unwanted, and/or unsafe, including without limitation aggressive behavior, sexual advances or comments, abusive or derogatory language, discrimination, and verbal or physical assault — will be met with strict disciplinary action, including removal from the convention.

Remember: cosplay is not consent.

Part of the appeal of science fiction conventions is that they give fans the opportunity to show enthusiasm for their favorite character and express their creativity through costume. Escape Velocity is a safe space for self-expression for all our attendees. We are aware that cosplayer harassment has taken place at other conventions, and all our volunteers have been trained to ensure that such behavior is not tolerated at Escape Velocity.

Cosplay is public theater, and as in traditional theater, basic courtesy rules prevail: do not film or photograph cosplayers without their prior consent.

If you are a victim of harassment or see another person (guest or staff) harassed, please contact our security team immediately. And if you believe an Escape Velocity volunteer or staff member has treated you unfairly, please contact escape.velocity@museumofsciencefiction.org

Mutual respect establishes a foundation for free-spiritedness and fun. With your help, everyone at Escape Velocity can have a good time.


Escape Velocity appreciates the dedication of cosplayers when it comes to creating costumes. However, we ask you to bear a few things in mind when considering props and accessories.

Escape Velocity is a live event that encompasses a wide array of programs, galleries, and exhibition space of varying crowd density. With few evening program exceptions, attendance is open to all ages. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone (as well as to comply with local laws and codes), we must restrict weapons and props to those which an ordinary person would consider reasonable for these circumstances.

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • Concealed and open carry firearms (except as required by law with regards to law enforcement personnel with properly presented credentials)
  • Functional projectile weapons (paintball, airsoft, BB & cap guns, crossbows, slingshots, etc.)
  • Sharp-edged and pointed blades, armor, or gear made from hard materials (metal, stone, glass, dense plastic, etc.)
  • Explosives

Realistic-looking prop firearms must be nonfunctional, with barrels covered by brightly-colored caps. Arrows or other projectile-style costume accessories must be “peace tied” together and have the arrow tips removed. We also ask guests not to bring any large, heavy props that could be difficult to control.

We will have a weapons check at registration. However, we cannot anticipate all eventualities, and there will always be judgment calls at the intersection of all-ages fun and security. Since we must err on the side of caution, we are relying on and appealing to our guests’ experience and common sense. You assume all risks associated with anything you carry, whether we know about it or not. You are ultimately responsible for your belongings and your behavior on the floor.  

Please note that there will be no place to store prohibited weapons on-site. If your weapon does not pass security, you will be asked to leave it in your room or vehicle, or ask a member of hotel staff to store it for you before entering the event space. Escape Velocity will not be responsible for the safekeeping of any item checked with the hotel.

If you have any doubt about whether your props and accessories meet Escape Velocity’s safety standard, please ask one of our staff members before attempting to enter the convention space. A good rule of thumb remains, “When in doubt, ask.” To minimize the risk of disappointment and embarrassment, we encourage you to contact us with your questions before you leave for the convention. After all, we’re science fiction buffs, too. We get it! And if we can offer meaningful advice by phone, we will.



  • All attendees and guests must have an Escape Velocity 2017 badge or wristband to gain entry to the exhibit floor, panel rooms, and special activities.
  • Universe is the official ticketing system of the Museum of Science Fiction and Escape Velocity. Tickets purchased through other avenues or secondary market sites will be considered invalid and ticketholders will not be allowed entry into the event.
  • When tickets are purchased, the consumer will receive a confirmation email from Universe. The confirmation must be shown upon arrival at the Escape Velocity Registration desks to claim the badge(s) or wristband(s). Photo ID may also be requested.
  • Children age 10 and under are admitted free of charge to standard Escape Velocity activities but should be accounted for with a ticket reservation.
  • Attendees age 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult while participating in Escape Velocity activities.
  • Ticket purchases are non-refundable.
  • Ticket upgrades will be handled offline by a member of our staff. Please contact us by email with your inquiry.
  • Tickets purchased as part of the PAY IT FORWARD program will be distributed to underserved youth in the Washington, DC metro area and cannot be used for individual attendance.
  • Escape Velocity attendance is not required to participate in Room Escape DC’s custom sci-fi escape rooms on-site during Escape Velocity. These activities are independent from one another.
  • By entering the conference venue and attending Escape Velocity (the “Event”), you understand and agree that your image and likeness may be captured in photographs and/or videography and consent to the use of your image and likeness by The Museum of Science Fiction and Escape Velocity. You irrevocably grant The Museum of Science Fiction and Escape Velocity and their parent(s), subsidiary and affiliate companies and their respective licensees, directors, employees, officers, successors, assigns, agents and those for whom they are acting, my consent and the absolute, unrestricted right and permission to: (i) record and tape your performance, appearance, interview, or digital communications/content displayed by you on social networking and/or messaging-type services (individually and collectively referred to as “Appearance”) made or created in connection with the Event, and (ii) copyright, record, reproduce, broadcast, distribute, edit, publish, exhibit, disseminate, couple and use in any way throughout the universe and in perpetuity, the audio and/or visual portions of any videotape, film, pictures, negatives, prints, photographs, stills or other recordings of your Appearance, and any reproduction thereof, including the right to publish and perform master recordings featuring your voice for use through any medium or media now known or hereafter devised, for advertising, publicity, promotion, trade, programming or any other lawful purpose whatsoever related thereto.  You further grant The Museum of Science Fiction and Escape Velocity the right to use your name, likeness, and/or biography, taken from your Appearance or otherwise, in promotional materials of any kind in connection with the Event, or for any other purpose. The foregoing rights and permissions shall be exercisable in whole or in part, at the sole discretion of The Museum of Science Fiction and/or Escape Velocity. You agree that The Museum and Science Fiction and Escape Velocity are the sole owners of the results and proceeds of the Appearance and you waive any interest you may have in and to the copyright in connection therewith. You agree to waive any right that you may have to inspect or approve any finished product, derivatives thereof, or any other subsequent uses made of the your Appearance or the Event. You acknowledge that The Museum of Science Fiction and Escape Velocity are not signatories to any union, guild, or collective bargaining agreement that governs this Event or your Appearance and that no payments by The Museum of Science Fiction and/or Escape Velocity are due or will be due to you or to any third party, including unions or guilds, resulting from your performance, appearance or interview in connection with the Event or your Appearance.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please reach out via email: tickets@museumofsciencefiction.org