VR Tournament


Are you ready to become the galaxy’s greatest rouge? Join us at Escape Velocity to compete in the first Virtual Reality tournament for a chance to win an Oculus Quest! Space Pirate Trainer puts players inside the game where they must rely on their wit, agility, and of course, their twin laser pistols to take on the robot hordes. The tournament will be open to all Escape Velocity attendees* and no experience is required.

Beyond Reality Tournament Tickets:

VR Tournament Tickets

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Grand Prize: Brand new Oculus Quest headset sponsored by Balti Virtual.
Second Place: Memorabilia from Escape Velocity.
Third Place: One Hour session at Augment Arcade.

About Augment Arcade: DC’s first Virtual Reality barcade located in Shaw near Howard University. Augment Arcade has over 25 unique VR experiences that appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike. Find out more here.

Balti Virtual is an Augmented and Virtual Reality production studio aiming to inspire the world by creating world-class content used for marketing, branding, education, events  healthcare, manufacturing and architecture. Founded in 2015, Balti Virtual boasts an impressive client list that includes international corporations such as Paypal, Marvel, and Under Armour, as well as renowned schools like Johns Hopkins, UVA, and Cornell University. The company is starting to develop their own proprietary products such as Holotats, their line of AR temporary tattoos, and Holo Popups, their new AR children’s books. For more information, visit www.baltivirtual.com.”

Tournament Rules

  • Each player will be given two rounds per session.
  • The first round will be used to teach players the game and warm up and will not be counted towards their score. The player’s score at the end of the second round will be recorded into the leaderboards.
  • A round is considered complete when a player runs out of their three lives.
  • All weapons and gadgets will be available. Power-ups will be turned off.
  • The top 3 scores at the end of the weekend will be awarded the prizes.

*Players must be 13 years or older and have tickets to Escape Velocity before they can compete.