Guests 2016

Special Guests at EV16

Rod Roddenberry

The son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Rod will speak about his father’s legacy as the series celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, as well as his work as chairman of the Roddenberry Foundation.

Adam Nimoy

The son of Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek, will discuss his father’s legacy and his new documentary film, For the Love of Spock.

Gigi Edgley

Better known as Farscape’s ‘Chiana’ will be at Escape Velocity for its entire three-day run!

In addition to her role as Chiana, Edgley has an extensive list of film and television credits. You may know her from The Starter Wife, Rescue Special Ops, Tricky Business, Showdown at Area 51, Quantum Apocalypse, Carlotta, Newcastle, Black Jack, Peacekeeper Wars, Stingers, Secret Life of Us, Beastmaster, Lost World, Water Rats and Day of the Roses, and as host of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge.

Luvia Peterson

Best known for her series regular role as the fan favorite character Jasmine Garza on Syfy Network’s Continuum. She is also known for her recurring character, Lt. Fisher in TNT’s  Falling Skies. Luvia has appeared in several notable projects for both Film and TV including, The X-FilesBattlestar GalacticaReaperSanctuaryEndgameThe Tomorrow People, and Psych. Luvia is up for a CSA (Canadian Screen Award) for best supporting actress for her work in Continuum!

Jamie Anderson

F – A – B . . .  the son of iconic British science fiction television and film producer, Gerry Anderson. Jamie will  discuss his father’s legacy and his new project: Firestorm.

Dan Curry

Known for his work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: The Next Generation as director, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Producer

Pam Melroy

Retired Air Force test pilot and former NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle commander. Pam flew three missions in space: as Space Shuttle pilot during STS-92 in 2000 and STS-112 in 2002, and as Space Shuttle Commander during STS-120 in 2007.

Marc Okrand

Linguist, creator of the Klingon language and author of Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, The Klingon Way, and The Klingon Dictionary

Dr. Jim Green

Technical Adviser to the movie “The Martian”, Dr. James L. Green is NASA’s Planetary Science Division Director at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. He has overseen several missions including the New Horizons probe to Pluto, the MESSENGER probe to Mercury, the launch of JUno probe to Jupiter, the launch of Grail A and B to the Moon, the Dawn probe to Vesta, and the landing of the Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity rover on Mars.Dr. Green has received numerous awards, including the Arthur S. Flemming award and the Japan’s Kotani Prize.

The Chromatics

The Chromatics are a high-energy vocal band on a mission to delight audiences with a full spectrum of songs about science, technology, life, and their intersections. They have taken their astronomically-correct a cappella songs, a project called AstroCappella, from Palm Springs to Orlando and from Las Vegas to New York, and their CD has flown in space (no kidding!). Back down on earth they have captivated young and old alike at the National Air & Space Museum, numerous science fiction conventions, First Nights, concert series, and a cappella festivals. Their CDs have been nominated for multiple Washington Area Music Awards (WAMMIES) and Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs). After more than 20 years together they still bring a youthful exuberance to their fun-filled, colorful, and scientifically accurate performances.

C. Alex Young PhD

Solar astrophysicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Associate Director for Science of its Heliophysics Science Division. Alex is also a member of the Museum’s Board of Advisors and Chair of the Technology Subcommittee.

Michelle Thaller PhD

Astronomer and research scientist, assistant director for Science Communication at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Mason Peck PhD

Former NASA Chief Technologist and Associate Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University and the Director of Cornell’s Space Systems Design Studio. Mason is also a member of the Museum’s Board of Advisors and Technology Subcommittee.

David Grinspoon PhD

Senior Scientist at Planetary Science Institute, is an astrobiologist who studies the possible conditions for life on other planets. In November 2012, he began a one-year appointment as the inaugural Baruch S. Blumberg/NASA Chair in Astrobiology at the John W. Kluge Center of the United States Library of Congress.

James Suriano

A SciFi/Fantasy author originally from New York and educated at Johns Hopkins University.   He is the author of Inbiotic and The Antarcticans.  His next two novels,  Dark and The Cult of Mao are both slated to release in 2016.  A self proclaimed SciFi fan since birth, James is thrilled to be a part of Escape Velocity.