This Year’s Film Schedule

Atomic Dialogues

Here is the list of films being shown at Escape Velocity this year. We have also included suggested sessions for you to attend related to the theme of each work. Enjoy!
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STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE PANEL (film with commentary)
The science fantasy film that changed it all – in it’s original 1977 theatrical version (that’s right: Han will SHOOT FIRST!). Screen in segments and listen in on a select panel of Star Wars experts as they share behind-the-scenes stories, film history connections and other Force-filled facts.
11.00am    Exhibit Hall
02.00pm    DC Stunt Coalition Demo
04.30pm    Star Wars: A New Hope PANEL
08.20pm    Alien: 40 Years of Fright
10.00am    Starship Horizons Bridge Sim
11.00am    Robot Dance School
02.15pm    Space Opera: Culture…
05.00pm    Film Fest Awards
12.00am    Plan 9 From Outer Space
09.00am    Gatchaman Crowds
11.00am    Museum Gallery
01.10pm    Saber Legion Demonstration
“TransGeek” is about making a place for transgender people to tell their own stories in their own voices. The film uses in-depth interviews conducted over a period of several years to explore the lives, hobbies, politics, careers, and thoughts of transgender geeks, and features an original score composed by Zoë Blade, a British electronic musician and transgender woman.
03.00pm    Drawing Diversity w/Sci-Fi Characters
04.00pm    Teaching Sci-Fi Lit in the University
05.05pm    Return of the Cheesy Line Reading Contest!
07.50pm    DIY Cosplay…
09.00am    Saint Seiya Soul of Gold
11.40am     Fortnite Secrets
01.50pm    Cosplay Cosmetics
05.00pm    Film Fest Awards
09.00am    Queer SF
11.00am    TRANSGEEK
02.00pm    A Very Special Recording of the Cosplay Case
Katrina wishes to have children but her boyfriend Louis doesn’t. She falls in love with his best friend Ron, who becomes the man of her life. One night, returning drunk together from a birthday party, the two friends are involved in a car accident in which Ron loses his head and Louis his body. Thanks to a head transplant the two men survive, merged into one person. Katrina must now deal with the body and mind of two men to fulfill her dream.
11.00pm     KATRINA’S DREAM 
10.05am    The Curse of Mary Sue
01.20pm    Technology and the Human Condition

05.00pm    Film Fest Awards


09.00am    Frontiers of Bioengineering and Biohacking
10.05am    BioTechnology, Human Evolution and Sustainability in Fiction
01.15pm    Technology Embodied: Body Modification….
An original scientific Italian road movie, Atomic Dialogues is a delicate and earnest declaration of love to Italian science. A “scientific comedy” of sorts, it is a quest for knowledge in the land of contemporary physics in which the director himself uses his own cameraman, the young, underpaid, and reluctant Nicola, as a guinea pig to demonstrate that even hard topics like quantum mechanics and general relativity can be explained to anyone, even those convinced to be incapable of understanding or, even worse, who don’t want to know.
05.05pm    Electicity and Magnetism Before the Electronic Revolution
08.00pm    Godzilla: Just a Giant Lizard?
10.05am    The Law of Sci-Fi Inventions
01.20pm    Technology and the Human Condition
03.00pm    The Toxic Jungle: The Shadow of the Atomic Bomb over Sci-Fi Anime
05.00pm    Film Fest Awards
10.05am    Future of Food
11.10am     Geoengineering and Climate Change
“Occupants” is a film about Annie Curtis, an award-winning documentarian, and her husband, Neil. Annie and Neil embark on a ’30 Days of Clean Living’ documentary, setting up cameras all over their house to document, via the Internet, their new eating habits. By doing so, half of their cameras capture a parallel version of themselves – a version that ultimately unravels and threatens their very existence.
02.00pm    Starship Horizon Bridge Simulator
05.05pm    From Page to Screen – A Journey at Warp Factor 9…
08.20pm    Space Party
09.00am    Marc Okrand: Klingon…languages
12.15pm    Mind Control, Surveillance…Federation
02.25pm    Evolution of Starfleet
10.00pm    OCCUPANTS
01.20pm    Enterprise 1701 Modeling
ANYA is a love story set in contemporary NYC about a couple and the scientist who discovers the reason they can’t conceive: the husband and his secretive people are different species of humans. Together they must decide whether having a baby through gene editing is worth the cost
01.00pm    ANYA
03.00pm    Drawing Diversity with Sci-Fi Characters
10.05am    Neurodiversity: Cognition…Sci-Fi Lit
05.00pm    Film Fest Awards
09.00am    Chicana/o-Futurism
10.35am    Ethnic Techno Cultures
01.20pm    Diversity in Early 2000s American Cartoons

Escape Velocity features a variety of programming throughout the open hours of the show.  Friday sessions run from 10:00 a.m. until past Midnight; Saturday show hours start at 9:00 a.m. and conclude with a Midnight film showing of Plan Nine from Outer Space and Sunday runs from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.   Three-day weekend pass tickets, priced $30 for youths (aged 11-16), $50 for adults and $100 for the full VIP treatment, are available through the Escape Velocity website or onsite at the Gaylord Convention Center.  Ten-dollar PAY IT FORWARD tickets allow patrons to donate a single-day admission for an underserved youth in the Washington, DC metro area.

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