All Things Star Trek at Escape Velocity

Star Trek Enterprise

Coming to Escape Velocity This Year!

Escape Velocity 2019 will serve up a non-stop, in-depth experience for Star Trek fans this year with stunning gallery items, expert speakers Star Trek Special Effect Supervisor like Dan Curry, VES, a new immersive virtual reality experience, and tons of fans. Don’t miss this chance to share your love of Roddenberry’s amazing vision of the future with friends and family.

Massive Studio-scale Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture
If you’ve seen the original starship Enterprise on permanent display at the National Air & Space Museum, you already know how magnificent it is. For Escape Velocity attendees, another massive studio-scale Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture will on display to help celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary.  Measuring over 8 feet long, the Enterprise is stunning, fully animated with lights and sound effects, including the initial power-up sequence from the film as the Enterprise departs space dock!

Try Out the Ubisoft VR Star Trek Bridge Crew
Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts you and your friends in the heart of a VR starship! This Virtual Reality experience offers a true-to-life level of immersion in the Star Trek universe. Ready to depart space dock!

Marc Okrand: Klingon and other Star Fleet languages
The creator of the Klingon language discusses constructed languages in general and SF languages more specifically. Klingon in particular will be addressed, as well as how the process of movie-making affects the nature of constructed languages.

Mind Control, Surveillance, and Big Data: The Dark Side of the Federation
While the World of Star Trek: The Next Generation is often considered a post-scarcity utopia, there are several aspects that would give a 21st Century time traveler pause if they went there. Advances in medicine and technology opens up new opportunities – both for the empowerment and the control of the individual. An open ended discussion of the ramifications of a Trek future.

Evolution of Starfleet
This panel is an in-depth description of some of the most famous vessels in Star Trek, showing how ship designs have changed and evolved through new technology, and based upon the needs of the Federation from the 22nd through 24th centuries.

Enterprise 1701 Modeling with Kurt Kuhn
Kurt Kuhn takes us on a journey to explore the recreation of one of Hollywood’s most iconic starship. This discussion will cover the building of the starship Enterprise, as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Join Kurt as he pulls back the curtain, to show how iconic movie magic is made. Be sure to check out the large scale Enterprise model in our Gallery exhibit. The model measures over eight feet long and four feet wide and features an automated light-up sequence identical to the scene in the film when the ship leaves drydock.

Escape Velocity mixes the fun of comic cons with the fascination of science and engineering festivals to create an amazing 3-day experience for the whole family.

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