ePlanetarium & NASA Pavilion

As part of NASA’s exhibition hall educational activities, the ePlanetarium will be in Hall E  with spectacular shows at NASA’s STEM education Pavilion.

501st Legion
The 501st Legion will be out in force searching for the dreaded Museum of Science Fiction. Our cloaking device remains operational so we are not too worried about it falling into the hands of the Empire!

BAE Systems
The motherboard, built by BAE and featured in The Martain, will be on display at Escape Velocity. The BAE discussion panel will cover how to protect space hardware against radiation and what is needed to “harden” equipment for extended time in space.

Han Solo’s blaster is in the Museum CAD Catalog
Han Solo’s blaster is now available for download in the Museum’s CAD Catalog. Click here to download.

Escape Velocity Film Festival
For the third time at EV we’re holding a juried film competition as part of our film festival. There will be “Maria” awards in six categories, and so far we’ve received a terrific collection of feature length and short films from the United States and Canada. Our friends from DUST have helped to curate the entries, and we’ll be screening them each night of Escape Velocity. You can learn more about the film festival here.

Starship Horizons
Don’t miss the mission simulator! We’re adding more time slots to make sure everyone can be on the bridge. Register in advance for Starship Horizons by clicking here.