Getting Pumped for EV2017


Tony “Paranoia Boi” is a Cosplayer, Dancer & Competitive Dance Gamer from Virginia. He has been cosplaying for almost a decade and portrays video game characters and pop culture icons. Hi

s love for dance goes as far back as mimicking Michael Jackson videos as a 5 year old. His style consists of a blend of popping, locking, krumping and more. His specialty is the portrayal of The Jabbawockee (as seen in ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and ‘World of Dance’) while NEVER breaking character. Wait until you see this guy move!

In 2016, he won the freestyle division in the national tournament for ‘Pump It Up’ in Chicago alongside his long time friend, Melvin Rubio. They both went on to compete in the world tournament, traveling to Indonesia to represent Team USA.

Oh, did we mention that he is an internet meme? In April 2016, Tony took a picture of himself dressed as Spider-Man crying over his dead “Uncle Ben” on the floor, except his Uncle Ben is made out of 50+ strategically placed boxes of “Uncle Ben’s Rice.” This pictureblew up on the web (pun intended), received millions of views, became subreddit of the month, was shared by celebrities, appeared on multiple sites and is still being shared to this day.

Paranoia Boi is excited to see fellow cosplayers and lovers of everything geeky at Escape Velocity.

Where you can find Paranoia Boi:


Instagram: @Paranoiaboi

Twitter: @Paranoiaboi