Top Ten List

Escape Velocity 2017 Updates
Sept. 1 – 3 Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC

Plan your Escape!!!

So, you’ve logged into sched and started planning your Escape Velocity weekend. The trouble is, there is almost TOO MUCH AMAZING PROGRAMMING to choose from. Not to worry – Here’s a top-ten, not-to-miss selection from our programming team:

10: Explore the frontier of learning in our Educator’s Workshop on Friday at 8:30AM: Open to anyone with a passion for learning! (Only teachers and students are eligible for free admission, though.) Come straight to the Hoover Room – We can register you there if don’t already have your ticket for Escape Velocity.

This year, you’ll: Learn how to Gamify Your Classroom, Teach with Science Fiction Stories, Code in the Classroom, and use Project-Based Learning – all with a sci-fi twist! Running late? We’ll sneak you in between sessions. Refreshments and coffee on the house, to keep your brain at max performance!
Sponsored by iFly!

9: Meet the Experts!: We’re starting early Friday and going until the last minute we can on Sunday. May we recommend “Re-Creating the Minority Report with Augmented Reality” and “Visions of the Future: Science Fiction between Science and Scripture”? How about panels with our special guests Morgan Gendel, Cas Anvar, and Joe Haldeman Saturday? You’ll be inspired, entertained, and informed all weekend.

8: Raucous Evening Programs: Cosplay Dance-Off, Sci-Fi Improv, Super Art Fight, a Space Party with DJ Shaleigh, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. And that only names a few! You’ll want to stay up late, so make sure you’ve booked your hotel room for power naps during the day.

7: Edu-Party with your Kids all Weekend: What does it mean to edu-party? It means non-stop, awesomely engaging stuff for your kids that doesn’ Workshops run all weekend for coding, art, stunt fighting and more. Don’t feel like managing a schedule?: Come to our exhibit hall and jump into hands-on activities when you’re ready, take in some drone racing, and tour the Museum of Science Fiction Gallery!

6: Late Night Film Festival Showing of Metropolis.  Just one of many films for you to enjoy during our film festival, Metropolis is a can’t miss show! In fact, it’s the inspiration for our film festival award trophy, the soon-to-be iconic Maria Award.

5: Play Games: Between Game Truck and our massive board game library, you can play all weekend. Great for adults, kids, and anyone in between.

4: Escape the Room: You and your teammates are “locked” in a room where you will engage in a sci-fi scenario with puzzles, ciphers and riddles, with only 30 minutes to find your way out. Plus, there are two separate room escape experiences, so you can have twice the fun! While the stories in each room are related, you can experience them in any order. Time slots are available every half-hour throughout the weekend, but space is limited! Note that you may be grouped with others to meet minimum participant requirements. There is an additional cost to participate, which you can pre-pay via Escape Velocity registration ( or directly at Room Escape EV.

3: Get Your Friends Arrested: Arrested by Klingons, that is. Simply go to the exhibit hall, accuse your friends of war crimes, and make a nominal donation to the MOSF charity. Your friends will be held behind bars for your amusement. They may or may not be read their Miranda rights in Klingon.

2: Doctor Who: Take a Selfie with an Ood: Get ready for incredible selfies with these full-size Doctor Who exhibition displays! Wibbilywobblytimeywimey is bringing a treasure trove of artifacts to exhibit, including screen-used props and costumes!

1: Cocktails, Awards, and The Inner Light: Have cocktails with special guests before The Inner Light screening on Saturday night. Black tie, cosplay, jeans and flip flops. Come as you are and help us celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

The Eclipse Happens on Monday
Check out NASA’s website for eclipse updates, and make sure that you’ll be in the Path of Totality on Monday.The closest big city to DC is Charleston, SC!