Trek Writer Helps Celebrate 30 Years of TNG



Morgan Gendel
The screenwriter best known to Star Trek fans as the man who wrote the Hugo Award-winning episode “The Inner Light” is coming to Escape Velocity. Patrick Stewart himself said that was his favorite episode of The Next Generation, and it is frequently ranked near the top of fan polls. Mr. Gendel is a screenwriter and producer with more than 200 credits, including the CW Network hit, The 100, on which he serves as co-executive producer for the current season.To celebrate TNG’s 30th anniversary, EV17 will have a screening of “The Inner Light” and commentary by Mr. Gendel. Seating is limited, first come, first served. Early entry for VIP ticket holders.

How Did They Make That?
Pop culture discussion panel: professional and hobbyist crafters and cosplayers discuss their crafting methods and tricks.

More Fun Activities for Children
How do you get kids more excited about learning science? Escape Velocity 2017 has lots of fun opportunities! Whether it’s a hands-on activity about docking a shuttle to a space station or project-based learning about micro gravity, the kids will come away with new ideas and motivation!

OMNI Magazine re-issue
The OMNI Archive is now live. We partnered with OMNI to bring back the magazine, and now all 200 issues can be purchased through Amazon. You can view back issues here.

Image credit: Joe Cross

Escape Room!
An original escape room is coming to Escape Velocity! While our friends at Room Escape DC who are crafting and running the room want to keep a lot of it a surprise, we can tell you there will be a theme of time travel weaved into two, 30-minute experiences featuring past and future technology. They can be played singularly or in tandem in whichever order you choose. Because these are timed events, there are a limited number of tickets available each day, so reserve a spot in advance!

Image credit: Joe Cross

EV17 Museum Gallery
The Museum gallery was a big hit last year, so for EV17 we aim to deliver with a wider range of original props, costumes, and artwork, as well as detailed replicas, that all fit in our show theme of Robotics, Computers, AI, and Drones. In addition to well known characters like C-3PO, R2-D2, and the Cylon, B9 from Lost in Space, Nomad from Star Trek: TOS, and Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers are just some of the more obscure but beloved characters scheduled to appear.


The Borg are now in our CAD Catalog
The Borg cube from Star Trek: The Next Generation by nd4spd1919 ( is now available for download in the Museum’s CAD Catalog. Click here to download.

Tattoos are out, electronic skin is in
Imagine an electronic circuit which you wear on your skin. That’s e-skin, a super thin, lightweight, flexible material which is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting new emerging technologies to be developed recently with seemingly limitless possible uses. You’ll be able to see this innovation on the EV17 exhibition floor from Next Gen Systems Lab, Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville.

Image credit: Joe Cross

Escape Velocity Film Festival
For this first time at EV we’re holding a juried film competition as part of our film festival. There will be awards in six categories, and so far we’ve received an awesome collection of feature length and short films from the United States and Canada. Our friends from Boston SciFi have helped to curate the entries, and we’ll be screening them each night of Escape Velocity. You can learn more about the film festival here.

Image credit: Joe Cross

Starship Horizons
The mission simulator was so popular at last year’s convention that they had to add more time slots to try to meet the demand. Don’t forget you can register in advance for a spot on the bridge in Starship Horizons by visiting their website here.

Image credit: Joe Cross

NASA HEC Eclipse Awareness Activities
The screening of Pitch Black at American University with NASA astrophysicist, Dr. Sten Odenwald from the Goddard Space Flight Center was a great success. Dr. Odenwald discussed real trinary star systems and the film’s use of an eclipse involving multiple planets and three suns. Check out NASA’s website for eclipse updates, and make sure that you’ll be in the Path of Totality on August 21.

Image credit: Joe Cross

Teacher Professional Development Workshop
On September 1, the first day of EV17, we’ll hold a teacher professional development workshop to offer educators new approaches for teaching STEAM courses through the use of science fiction. Attendees will receive a professional development certificate of completion and can enjoy full access to the rest of the convention that day. Registration information is available on the press release.

Image credit: Joe Cross

EV17 Hotel Rooms and Museum Membership
Hotel rooms at the beautiful Marriott Wardman Park are also still available, and anyone who books before August 15 receives one weekend pass. Stay in the hotel, get into EV17 for free! You can get a discounted show rate here:

And don’t forget that Museum members get a 50% discount on 3-Day tickets to Escape Velocity 2017 (including friends and family). Sign up here!