Cas Anvar

Cas Anvar is a multi-talented, award-winning actor who has over 100 credits to his name in both film and television.

From his big break in the Golden Globe and Spirit Award nominated movie ‘Shattered Glass’, he’s appeared in  ‘The Terminal’, ‘Source Code’, ‘The Vatican Tapes’ and the multi-Oscar winners ‘Argo’ and ‘Room’.

You can also find Cas in ‘Lost’ as Naveen Andrews’ brother, on ‘Castle’ with Nathan Fillion, he’s part of a great SyFy epic fantasy adventure, ‘Neverland’, as Gentleman Starkey and many other tv shows. He’s currently a series regular on ‘The Strain’ as the alluringly dark Sanjay Desai and, of course, is now one of the leads as the favorite wisecracking, Martian pilot with a Texas drawl, space cowboy Alex Kamal on the Syfy hit ‘The Expanse’ (aka “Game of Thrones in Space”).

Cas can also do incredible things as a voice actor. Fans love to interact with his Assassins Creed alter ego: ALTAIR. It’s one of his most popular roles with his fans. Fans can sometimes see him donning the Altair garb but they will always catch him with his hidden blade strapped to his arm. Cas is always engaging and loves to chat and take photos with his fans. Come by and give him your best Altair pose or hilarious Texan witticism, even talk Shakespeare to this Shakespeare connoisseur.