80 Level Joins Escape Velocity

In exploring the boundaries between science fiction and science fact, as well as developing the creative and analytics mindsets, gaming is a crucial touchpoint for introducing young minds to the variety of STEAM fields.


Because of the role that gaming can play in introducing players to STEAM, we’re thrilled to announce that 80.lv will be joining us at Escape Velocity!  80.lv is the place to go for any game developer. They provide an exclusive look at the work of some of the biggest game production companies: Electronic Arts, DICE, Blizzard, Ubisoft. Every day you’ll be able to find new articles from artists, programmers, developers and producers talking about all things #gamedev. Check them out at http://80.lv


“We’re proud to become a media partner of Escape Velocity. It’s not often that we get to visit events, which help to promote education in a fun and accessible way. 80.lv has been in contact with some of the biggest schools in the world, featuring works of young game developers and indie producers. We’re sure that 80.lv will be able to explore a lot of interesting new projects during Escape Velocity event this July.”

80.lv Editor-in-Chief Kirill Tokarev