At the White House for Astronomy Night

The Museum of Science Fiction and Cornell University were invited to the White House this evening for Astronomy Night to announce a competition for high school students to get their CubeSat project launched into space.Cubesat smaller

Based on the belief that science fiction, curiosity, and project-based learning holds educational value for all ages, the Museum of Science Fiction, Cornell University, and eight universities in NASA’s Space Grant program are announcing a CubeSat competition that will be open to all high school students. The goal of the competition is to both infuse agile and innovative ideas into space sector, and to get more students inspired to tinker with the technologies that democratize access to space.

Nine prizes will be awarded and the winners will have their mission design proposal funded, built, and have the opportunity to apply to NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative for a launch. Data collected from the missions will be shared with participating schools and other research organizations for analysis and contribution to the field of study.

Winners will be awarded at Escape Velocity event in Washington, DC next year.
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